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Party Bus – Top 10 Reasons to Be on “A Vegas Nite”

“A Vegas Nite” (AVN) is the #1 Las Vegas’s Premier Luxury Bus and Limousine Service that offers luxury accommodations for all your party needs. AVN offers 30 years industry experience, professional trained chauffeurs, and one-time guarantee on your service.

Luxury Buses Las Vegas 10 Reasons to call A Vegas Nite for your Transportation needs

Here are the TOP 10 Reasons that people prefer an AVN party bus over any other company in Las Vegas.

  1. Customer Service – AVN treats their customers like royalty from the reservation to the party event itself.
  2. Affordable Prices – We have competitive prices that matches the quality and integrity of our services.
  3. Luxury Features – AVN has light up floors, bar areas, onboard bathrooms, and leather seating.
  4. Sound System – All buses have top of the line sounds systems and the ability for you to control the music.
  5. Excellent Drivers – Our friendly drivers at AVN are professionally trained and have just the right amount of interaction.
  6. Easy Reservations – If you are headed to a special event, location, or restaurant we book ahead to save you time.
  7. Safety First – AVN has the highest level of training and security to manage and provide a safe trip.
  8. VIP Status – AVN will work to provide you with entrance into Las Vegas’ hottest clubs and night life.
  9. Connections – All levels of transportation needs are covered whether a concert, wedding, sporting event, conference and AVN will get you in.
  10. The Luxury Party – AVN is #1 in luxury transportation for your important group or private event that focuses solely on the details of luxury and creating the #1 party atmosphere for memories to be made.

No matter what you’d like to do to enjoy your time in Las Vegas, A Vegas Nite wants to help you keep you’re party going 24/7. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on our Toll Free Number at 1-833-464-1287. Or just continue to our Online Booking and we’ll contact you to work out all of the details! Thank you again, and A Vegas Nite looks forward to catering to your Las Vegas adventures!

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